Boogie Guitar Amplifiers; Amplifying your Dreams

Mesa Boogie Mark 25 guitar amplifierA boat however sturdy is it made is hopeless without its sails. Why take a boat when we can always talk about a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee with a creamy layer on the top sells more than a normal one. Why is it so?

The answer is value creation and addition. Everything available in the market sells more with value addition. The added value amplifies the experience of anything into a more fine-tuned one, a more perfect one. Since we are talking about amplifying well, let me tell you that however sonorous your beats may be, however heart tingling your rhythms might be, it always sounds better with an amplifier. Like the boat without the sails, your guitar and its twangs might end up in the bin without a proper amplifier. A proper amplifier, where will you find one? Let me answer your question.

Meet the Boogie Mark 5 Twenty Five Guitar Amplifier. To say the Boogie Mark 5 Twenty Five Guitar Amplifier, to be a proper amplifier would bring serious issues of disrepute to its credentials. It simply is the best. Something more than the regular proper guitar amplifier. Something with an added value to the existing guitar amplifiers. Now we are talking on parallel lines. Value Addition at its best, the Mesa or Boogie Mark 5 Twenty Five Guitar Amplifier, offers for a consistent, flawless and maintenance free experience with its Fixed Bias technology. With its selectable five band graphic equalizer, the Mesa Mark 5 Twenty Five Guitar amplifier comes with more refined and flexible specifications than its successful predecessors, the elderly kin of the Mark Series from Mesa.

Hassle free handling and free switching options within its various features, the Mesa Mark 5 Twenty Five Guitar Amplifier would give your musical performances a new direction. Connect with your audience and give them that refined value addition with the Boogie Mark 5 Twenty Five Guitar Amplifier. We don’t believe in amplifying your beats and rhythms alone. We believe in amplifying your dreams.